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We understand that sometimes you may have an issue with your order, or that it may not be up to your standards.
Our customers are offered numerous solutions to solve any issues that may arise. Open a ticket today for more information!

MyVariety guarantees a 10-day full refund policy.
If you find that you want to discontinue service within your 10 days of the first payment, you may request a full refund via a ticket.
Please do not request a cancelation, this only cancels future invoices and does not request a refund.

Please be aware that MyVariety may investigate refund requests for legitimacy. If the request is found to be an illegitimate reason then your request may be denied.
We will only return the payment to the original payment method and no other to protect our customers and ourselves. Alternatively, your refund may be given as a credit at our discretion.
You must confirm your refund request within 48 hours after receiving a message from one of our staff members. If you do not confirm, you forfeit your refund claim. (You can only do this once per service)
Per policy, services purchased will immediately be terminated as soon as the refund has been sent.

To request a refund, open a ticket here. You may need to sign in to continue to the link.


If at any time you process a chargeback and MyVariety is charged any fee due to the chargeback you will be responsible for the fee and will be billed for such.
If the chargeback fee is left unpaid for a period of time, your account will be referred to a collection agency.

Creating a chargeback will result in suspension of all services until the chargeback is canceled, and void any refund eligibility.

TOS Information:

For more information on our refund policy, you may view our Terms of Service.

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